First of all I’m not calling out any of the brothas or sistas that was down for the movement in the sixties. I’m saying that the powers that be dissolved all that and won’t let it happen again. All my brothas and sistahs that stood before me I salute you. After all the work you’ve done we have declined more than ever….

Malcom said it best when he talked about some Black folks being house niggas and field niggas. The Black Panther Party were field niggas and now in 2013 all we got is mostly house niggas. This new house nigga is addicted to social media and will say things like “slavery was in the past” or “we got it good in Amerika so why would I want to go to Afrika” or “I got a degree and I got a good job so shut up talking bad about Amerika” you know, shyt like that. Anyway check the below old clip by Malcom as a reminder of what this brotha stood for in the sixties and how it’s more true more than ever beforethat we Wake up or die!